Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Review: Dragons of Spring Dawning (Part 1)

My People is in a really good mood tonight. That comic book she's been waiting for is finally here.

Dragons of Spring Dawning, Part 1 (from Devil's Due Publishing) collects the first six issues from the comic of the same name, continuing two prior book editions that covered events in the first two novels of the Dragonlance Chronicles.

Unlike the first two graphic novels in this series, this one isn't trying to tell an entire novel's worth of story. This makes it possible to use near-verbatim sections of dialogue from the novel. The exchange between Raistlin and Astinus is particularly good.

There are a few minor typos, but nothing serious. The art is vastly better than the art in the 1980's DC adaptation of the trilogy. And, unlike that earlier version, it looks like this one will actually be finished someday.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Speed reading for cats (and humans, too)

It has come to my attention that my People has been doing odd things with books lately.

Just yesterday afternoon she was reading Sidney's Comet and chapter 6 of The Blind Watchmaker with a piece of paper in her hand, moving down the page sentence by sentence, covering up the finished parts. I tried it, but I couldn't hold onto the paper because I have no thumbs.

So then she showed me another way, drawing a diagonal line from left to right. (I guess you would go the other way if doing this with Hebrew or Arabic.)

All I know is that I couldn't get settled because she was turning the pages so fast. I'm not so sure I like this 'speed reading' business.